Municipal wastewater treatment plants (100 – 50 000 EO)

  • are used for wastewater with an inflow higher than 30 m3/day (200 EO)
  • are biological wastewater treatment plants with activated sludge in sublime
  • are systems with a discontinuous through-flow (SBR – sequenced batch reactor)

System with discontinuous flow (SBR):

This is technology with an interrupted operation which has been the subject of interest in recent years together with the development of microprocessor control devices. Compared with continuous through-flow treatment plants these water treatment plants do not have a final sedimentation tank.

The process of wastewater treatment is performed in one tank, due to interrupted operation. The total cleaning cycle is divided into several phases:

  • filling,
  • activation,
  • sedimentation,
  • decanting (emptying).

Individual phases can be modified and set in such a manner as to be best adapted to the inflow onto wastewater treatment plant.

Advantages of SBR:

  • managing of unbalanced inflows
  • high and stable quality of water on the outflow
  • lower operating costs compared with the similar systems
  • high flexibility
  • reliability
  • simplicity
  • lower demands for space compared with continuous systems
  • does not have a direct hydraulic connection between the inflow and the outflow

The TopolWater company has developed two basic modifications of the SBR system:


This consists of an SBR reactor and accumulation tank. Due to this, water is accumulated during the cleaning phase performed in the reactor. (details)

MONOBLOK – T - Mitrov - 200 EO

Monoblok-T - Mitrov 200 EO


This consists of two SBR reactors which alter in the function without necessity of installing an accumulation tank. (details)

ČOV - 2500 EO

FLEXIDIBLOK® - Náklo - 2500 EO


FLEXIDIBLOK® - Šlapanov - 720 EO

Basic description

The difference is in the size of the tank and the derived necessity of ground and concrete work. The solution using one reactor and accumulation tank is usually designed up to 500 EO and for a higher capacity is more suitable to build FLEXIDOBLOCK. With respect to the high variability of the system, practically each wastewater treatment plant is designed for adaptation to the actual situation. It is possible to use the technology in tanks of various forms and materials. When keeping the necessary volumes of the reactor, the wastewater treatment plants are designed for any number of EO.

wastewater treatment plants are equipped with commonly produced air blowers and pumps from various producers depending on the requirements of the investor (price, reliability). The original element of our wastewater treatment plants are especially designed control systems which are mostly interconnected into one system with the power distributor.

The wastewater treatment plant is equipped with control unit which immediately reacts to the changing inflow of wastewater and modifies the treatment cycle according to the actual loading which ensures the increase of any possible hydraulic capacity in the case of rain, as well as a decrease in the output, saving of energy and regeneration of sludge in the case of a lower inflow. The control unit is adapted for remote data transfer and can be controlled from the control centre.  

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