Monoblok – T

  • biological wastewater treatment plant with an interrupted operation
  • consists of a levelling tank, SBR reactor and sludge tank
  • the operation is controlled by a micro computer with the option to adapt the treatment regime to the quality and volume of inflowing water
  • designed for capacity up to 500 EO

The TopolWater company ensures high quality on the outflow (values BSK5 under 15 mg/l), nitrification, de-nitrification and the partial removal of phosphorus.

Advantages of WWTP MONOBLOK – T:

  • high quality of water on the outflow – with sufficiently designed BSK5 tanks the outflow is 5 mg/l and nitrification, de-nitrification and partial removal of phosphorus is ensured
  • fully automated operation with remote system, reduction of costs for servicing
  • high adaptability (it is possible to use the wastewater plant for transporting wastewater from septic tanks)
  • low investment costs
  • low costs for operation
MONOBLOK – T water treatment plant


Description of the technological line:

The wastewater flows into the accumulation tank which has at the same time the function of the 1st activation stage. In the case of installation on separate sewerage systems, it is not necessary to perform pre-treatment and the function is replaced by the 1st activation stage. For smaller sizes of wastewater treatment plants the levelling tank can have the function of a storage tank for excessive sludge from activation. For larger systems an independent aeration sludge tank is built.

From the levelling tank the pre-treated water is pumped to the SBR reactor. During the fulfilment of the reactor and after its filling, there is biological treatment during which the aerobic and anoxic conditions alter according to the character of the wastewater. The treatment cycle is terminated by the separation of sludge and the following separation of water by the outflow. This provides the impulse for further filling of the reactor and the cycle is repeated. The optimal volume of activated sludge in the SBR reactor is automatically kept by the sludge pump. After each cycle the preset layer of sludge is pumped either into the levelled tank or into the independent sludge tank.

In the case of insufficient inflow of wastewater, the system is automatically switched into the maintenance regime in which the control unit keeps the aerobic environment in the reactor. It assures the wastewater treatment plant is functional in the case of a longer interruption of wastewater.



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