Decentralized wastewater treatment plants

Systems for the decentralized treatment of wastewater by TOPAS domestic wastewater treatment plants and MONOBLOK-T and FLEXIDIBLOK communal wastewater treatment plants (external reference)


  1. Treatment of water at the source of pollution
  2. Saving for service
  3. Saving for re-pumping of wastewater
  4. Saving for construction of sewerage piping
  5. Comprehensive inspection of the de-canalization of territory

Principle of remote inspection of the wastewater treatment plant

A. Computer unit at the wastewater treatment plant

  • control of wastewater treatment plant

B. Connection of the wastewater treatment plant with the control centre

  • 1x per day - about 2min. data transfer, minimum costs for communication, immediate reporting in the case of failure (fixed line, GSM)

C. Control centre for remote inspection

  • an experienced technologist evaluates the data – and if necessary, sends service technicians to remove any failure
Decentralized wastewater treatment systems

Decentralized wastewater treatment systems

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