Company philosophy

The basic directions and tendencies in the development of the company can be expressed using the following terms:

1) We always stay at least one step ahead of the competition

We try to offer something extra at a comparable price with competitive treatment plants in terms of the quality, reliability, efficiency or the servicing requirements of the treatment plant. You can evaluate for yourself just how we manage to do it. We guarantee that no other domestic wastewater treatment plant will provide you with all these advantages.

Minimizing of servicing

TOPAS wastewater treatment plants were initially presented as treatment plants with easy maintenance. This statement is still justified today by the principle of the patent which is supported by the existence of two floating switches which control the operation of the treatment plant. Due to these switches a permanent concentration of activated sludge is kept and the water treatment plant only pumps excess sludge into the separate tank approximately once every three months. Another measure for the simplification of servicing and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant is automatic cleaning of sedimentation tanks from the floating waste. Nearly all of the whole wastewater treatment plant is made of a non-corrosive complete plastic construction with the exception of all mechanical, i.e. rotating and moving, particles.

TOPAS wastewater treatment plant

TOPAS wastewater treatment plant

Equipment for checking the operation

The unique control mechanism of the TOPAS wastewater treatment plant is the emergency floating switch connected with the sound signalling which reacts to any overloading of the accumulation tank. Since the origination of the patent in 2004 up to the present, various additional accessories have been developed for the TOPAS wastewater treatment plant which improves the control. On of these accessories is the TOM monitoring module which permanently monitors (but does not control) the operation of the wastewater treatment plant. Each deviation from the normal function is registered, evaluated and reported on the control unit display. The majority of defects are discovered according to the number of times and the length of the duration of the switching on of one of the two floating switches.
A very useful accessory to the TOM module is the GSMT module which immediately sends an error message in the form of an SMS message to the mobile telephone of the owner or the administrator of the water treatment plant. A defect can be removed earlier than if it is reflected in the quality of the treated water. It is a unique technical solution which without the necessity to control the treating process using a computer unit, decreases the service requirements when compared with common water treatment plants by up to 80% in order that the operation becomes more reliable.

TOM and GSMT module

TOM monitoring and GSMT module

Recreational operation

Due to the very simple system of switching cleaning phases using the patent protected floating switch, it is possible to maintain a constant level of activated sludge necessary for the correct function of the treatment. Excess sludge is stored in the separate sludge tank and in the case that there is no inflow of wastewater, the content of the sludge tank will fall into the inflow accumulation tank and become an alternative nutrient in the cleaning process. In this manner the wastewater treatment plant is kept in operation without an inflow of domestic wastewater for a minimum of three months without death of or other damage to the bacterial culture.

Simple installation

Unlike the usual solution offered by other systems, it is not necessary to purchase an adaptor for the depth of the inflow for the TOPAS treatment plant because this water treatment plant is delivered as an integrated product which includes heating and a steam-proof lid. The inlet into the input accumulation tank is cut after placement at the necessary height, in the area of the inflow piping. It is possible to place the water treatment plant directly at the property because due to the alternative aerating of the levelling tank, anaerobic processes and odour from the water treatment plant are excluded.

TOPAS simple sand filter

TOPAS simple sand filter

Built-in sand filter

The TOPAS wastewater treatment plant is probably the only plant available on the market with a built-in sand filter with which it is possible to guarantee the efficiency by up to 98%. The treated water is suitable for watering and other use.

Filling of the sand filter

Filling of the sand filter

Removable technology  

All internal technologies of the water treatment plant are produced in such a manner as to ensure easy removal, cleaning or replacing and then to install and attach into the respective clamps. The green lid and square form does not negatively affect the surrounding appearance and it comfortably fits into the concept of the garden.

Removable technology

Removable technology

2) Integrated character of our services

Our company tries to keep to its objective stated during company foundation which is the exclusive orientation towards the issue of wastewater treatment. It directs all its activities only to the provision of comprehensive support of clients in the area of implementation of wastewater treatment plants with the aim of permanently improving this activity.

The sphere of activity represented within this concept includes consultancy, preparation of offers, projects, complete delivery of the technological parts of the wastewater treatment plant, assembly and commissioning and servicing up to the resulting operation and the inspection of the input parameters.

For the time being we have successfully managed to fulfil this concept and not to expand the subject of our business to the detriment of the quality of our products and the comprehensive character of our services.

3) Orientation towards export

Our business policy is oriented year on year to foreign markets. In particular, for domestic wastewater treatment plants, foreign sales are an important factor influencing the stability and proportionality of production. Traditionally our largest customers are from France, Germany, Latvia and Romania. We have other business partners in Poland, Ukraine, Moldavia, Bulgaria, and most recently from Kuwait. There is also a very successful production facility for TOPAS wastewater treatment plants in the Slovak Republic via our licensed producers.

Corresponding to this trend in the orientation towards export, the implementation of large municipal wastewater treatment plants is increasing abroad. During the last two years we have delivered large constructions of wastewater treatment plants to Russia (1500PE, 180PE), Latvia (400PE), Mongolia (800PE, 4000PE), Sri Lanka (500PE) and Moldavia (800PE). At present there is the ongoing implementation of two mono blocks (500PE, 130EOPE) and one flotation unit (20m3) in Romania.

4) Life is not just for work

In the spirit of modern trends, the senior management of the company is trying to develop the mental health of its employees and to maintain good relations within working teams.

The working environment of our employees is being permanently improved either concerning mode computer technology, comprehensive information systems or the new equipping of workplaces.

In addition to Christmas evenings organized each year and other relaxation events, employees meet for regular volleyball matches and bowling tournaments.

The fulfilment of the slogan “Life is not just for work” is supported by the activity of the senior management of the company who sponsor a civil association for the help of families with children called “VOLNO” and located in Kolín. We regularly contribute to the account of this association with 2% of the sale price of each TOPAS domestic water treatment plant sold in the Czech Republic.

5) Permanent development and improvement

Due to the fact that our company closely specializes in the area of wastewater treatment plants, all current development is focused on the improvement and comfort of their servicing. With regard to TOPAS domestic water treatment plants their gradual development is documented in the table: History of the TOPAS wastewater treatment plant, which shows in summary, the development of the wastewater treatment plant from the origination of the patent and includes the list of achieved acknowledgements.

The development of large wastewater treatment plants with the business names MONOBLOK-T and FLEXIDIBLOK is also directed towards higher automation, comfort control and remote control. At the beginning of its activity our company was solely directed towards the development of technologies fulfilling the increased requirements necessary for incorporation into the system of decentralized cleaning of wastewater. At present we collaborate with other professional companies in the development of control and monitoring units which our company can inspect and through the Internet we also contact wastewater treatment plants on a global basis.

6) Orientation towards modern decentralized systems

The principle of the decentralized manner of wastewater treatment is based on the following concept:

Rain water must penetrate in the areas where it fell in order not to increase the level of underground water. wastewater must be then cleaned in the area of its origination and returned to nature in the form of watering or be used again after recirculation. This restricts the risk of flooding and the contamination of water flows by nutrients.

At the same time, during the decentralized manner of the liquidation of wastewater there is a significant saving of investment costs for collecting systems – usually more than 25%. It is recommended to invest part of these savings for the increase of the technical level of local wastewater treatment plants.

Of course, it is necessary to produce small and local wastewater treatment plants so that the decentralized system of cleaning is functional. They must be at such a technical level that the quality is similar to that of central wastewater treatment plants and, at the same time, they would be fully automated, controlled by the central control workplace and similar conformity must be ensured for the producer of the wastewater the same as for central systems. All development of new products and the improvement of services provided by our company follow this intention.

Schematically, the whole process of decentralized systems is displayed in the following picture (pdf - 1,3 MB).

Principle of the decentralized manner of wastewater treatment

Principle of the decentralized manner of wastewater treatment

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