Domestic wastewater treatment plants TOPAS

WWTP Topas Basic information
Description of activity
Sizes of WWTP Topas
Description of the inside space
Technical data (Topas 5-300)
Cross section of TOPAS
Garanteed parameters of WWTP Topas
Models of Topas Variants of WWTP Topas
Types of Topas
Virtual tour of WWTP Topas
Tank for treated water
Delivery and installation Delivery
Additional equipments TOM Monitoring module
TOM-GSM terminal (GSMT)
Dosing equipment
House electric control box
Submersible sludge pump
Grease trap (lapol)
Technological dynamic diagram
References World
Czech Republic
Monitoring of WWTP Topas through internet Monitoring system
Course of the development
Top - press system Description of TOP-PRESS
Solution possibilities
Advantages of the system

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