Additional equipments for TOPAS wastewater treatment plants

Monitoring module TOM-C

Monitoring module TOM-C

Monitoring module TOM-C

The additional monitoring device is based on the experience in operating and maintaining of the WWTPs Topas. This equipment is the successor module of the older monitoring module TOM.

In comparison with the original TOM module, the TOM-C does not only monitors, but also controls and consequently ensures operation of the WWTP Topas.

Its main function is monitoring of the float switch activity and correct function of the wastewater treatment plant according to the number of switching and time delays between them. The principle of wastewater cleaning is protected by the international patent no. 282 411 by means of the control float switch directly in the wastewater treatment plant. This means, that in case of a failure in the monitoring system the wastewater treatment plant operates normally.

The TOM-C monitoring module facilitates monitoring of correct operation of the Topas system and time of each phase as well as automatic regulating of the WWTP Topas operation depending on wastewater inflow amount.

What is TOM-C able to do?

  • to control the float switches working
  • in case of any failures to switch over the WWTP into the full operation and warn the service
  • to control times of particular phases and warn in case of their long period – this way to avoid failures
  • to control the blower and electrovalve automatically – by this to save energy and extend lifetime of the activated sludge and of the blower
  • to switch over the WWTP into the economic regime in case of low inflow amount automatically
  • to indicate a power failure and other failures to a house / object or through the GSM
  • to control chemical dosing for removing of phosphorus of the basis of wastewater inflow amount
  • to show the instructions what is necessary to control on the display

Main advantages of the TOM-C module:

Selection of modes for the wastewater treatment plant

Depending on the volume of loading of the wastewater treatment plant, it is possible to choose either the normal, or the economy regime. This module, in terms of the wastewater treatment plant operation control, replaces a timer actually. In case that the wastewater treatment plant does not have any inflow, the TOM - C module notes this fact and automatically switches the wastewater treatment plant into the maintenance mode which ensures the long-term biological function of the wastewater treatment plant without any inflow of waste waters (up to 3 months).

Detection and indication of technological defects

Each defect which can occur is precisely identified by the TOM - C module and is shown on the display together with the light and acoustic indication. This significantly decreases time demands on the servicing of the wastewater treatment plant.

GSM terminal for remote data transfer

GSM terminal for remote data transfer

GSM terminal

The GSM module serves for the remote transfer of SMS messages and is primarily used as the additional module to the microcomputer TOM - C. It was developed as a tool of modern communication with TOM - C monitoring devices for TOPAS wastewater treatment plants.

The possibilities to use GSM are very wide ranging. The advantages of this equipment are particularly appreciated by the owners of wastewater treatment plants who cannot or do not want regularly check TOM – C monitoring equipment.

The GSM facilitates to users to monitor the wastewater treatment plant function through their mobile telephone. The GSM module is especially advantageous for service companies that ensure the service of a greater number of wastewater treatment plants at the same time.

This solution can be also used in the TOP-PRESS system for small and medium sized municipalities with spread out estates which resolves sewage disposal with the system of local domestic wastewater treatment plants.

Dosing equipment

Dosing equipment

Dosing equipment

This is special equipment used for the dosing of substances for treatment of cleaned water, e.g. substances for hardening of phosphorus or dosing of chlorine and other forms of disinfection.

It is also possible to use equipment for dosing of iron salts or other preparations during the removal of biological foam.

The dosing equipment concludes a canister for 5 - 20 litres of luiquid and a dosing pump which activity is controlled by the monitoring module TOM-C.

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