9 reasons to select TOPAS wastewater treatment plants:

7 reasons to select MONOBLOK-T or FLEXIDIBLOK wastewater treatment plants:

5 reasons to select our solution for industrial wastewater treatment plants:

  1. patented principle of operation
  2. built-in sand filter (the only one on the market)
  3. removable technology
  4. minimum servicing requirements
  5. built-in accumulation tank
  6. remote control of operation
  7. fully functional without any inflow of wastewater for a minimum of 3 months
  8. outlet can be located higher than inlet
  9. awarded at exhibitions
  1. patented principle of SBR reactors operation
  2. low costs for servicing
  3. remotely controlled from central dispatching
  4. low investment costs
  5. high quality of water from the outflow
  6. option for step by step construction in two stages
  7. support for the decentralized wastewater systems
  1. because of the high efficiency for biologically strongly contaminated water
  2. use of advantages of MONOBLOK-T technology
  3. recommended for fat industry, food production, etc.
  4. SBR system completed by flotation unit
  5. remotely controlled from central dispatching
ISO Certificate 9001:2008